How Spectrum Works

How Spectrum works.

Our service is free for providers. Healthcare organizations pay an annual subscription fee to customize Spectrum with their guidance creating their own location within the app.

Our subscription fee includes design of the local guidelines into our interactive format, as well as unlimited changes, updates and hosting on the platform.

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For healthcare organizations.

  • You choose the content to include in the app and send to us in any format (PDF, spreadsheet, website, etc.). You name it, we can include it. Need a guideline? We can help save you time by adapting clinical content from our library of esteemed client guidelines.
  • Spectrum transforms your resources into a format designed specifically for use at the point of care.
  • You review and approve the content and make any changes.
  • Go live and give your providers the best point of care tool for infectious diseases.
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    For healthcare providers.

    Get your healthcare organization’s guidance on your mobile phone to use at the point of care.

  • Download the Spectrum app for free.
  • Choose your location from the list of locations within the app. Don’t see your organization listed? You can request it within the app. While you’re waiting for your organization to create their own custom location, you can check out another trusted organization.
  • All set. Now you can input patient factors and within seconds you’ll have tailored treatment recommendations.
  • Download Spectrum for free

    “One of the most pleasing medical apps I have ever used. Spectrum is to the point, easy to navigate and just damn beautiful.”

    Physician, App Store Review


    Common Questions

    Does the subscription fee include unlimited content and changes?

    Yes, your annual subscription includes unlimited content and changes.

    How long does it take to launch?

    The onboarding process takes our clients on average about 20 hours of time spread out over weeks. Depending on your availability to review and approve your clinical content in our interactive format, it takes 4-12 weeks. We work quickly to go live as soon as possible (our record is launching in one week).

    I’m interested in learning more, how can I get in touch?

    Fantastic! We’d be happy to give you a more comprehensive overview of how Spectrum works. Please fill out our contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you.

    What resources do I need to provide for the onboarding process?

    You’ll send us all the clinical content you’d like to be available in your customized application, in any form that you have it. Also, we’ll need to know the key members of your team authorized to make changes in our platform.

    What if my institution doesn’t have guidelines?

    We value our clients’ clinical expertise and look to you to provide clinical content. However, if you don’t have any guidelines yet, we can work with you to copy and adapt guidelines from other institutions already using Spectrum.

    What languages does Spectrum support?

    We support any language. Spectrum is already being used in English, French, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, and Italian.

    Are we able to restrict access to users just at my hospital?

    Yes. While most of our clients allow open access to their clinical content to maximize its reach in the community, we are able to restrict access to your pre-authorized set of users.

    Does Spectrum require IT integration?

    No. Spectrum is cloud based and works independently from other systems. There is no patient or provider information included in our platform.

    Are there IT resources required for the implementation of this new app?

    No IT resources are required for us to implement the application. We are open to meeting with your IT team if clearance or approval is required, but they aren’t involved in getting your application live.

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