When the pandemic started, our team at Spectrum noticed how much duplication of work was taking place in infectious diseases. Ever since, we’ve been focused on developing new tools to support ID peer collaboration.

Spectrum’s Community Library

Introducing our newest tool: Community Library. This software helps power your antimicrobial stewardship program and save you time. Community Library allows you to easily browse, copy and adapt guidelines from all the thousands of vetted clinical guidelines housed in Spectrum, created by the many hospitals we support. Choose the syndrome you are researching, sort by region, if you like, and see the various approaches to different clinical syndromes.


Once you’ve identified an approach that might work for your hospital, copy the guideline into your location in the Spectrum platform. Then, go ahead and adapt the guideline to work for your organization’s local needs. You can publish immediately into your location in Spectrum, instantly accessible to all of your providers. You just saved hours of work and duplication of effort!


A Tool for Research: Explore different approaches easily

Spectrum’s new browsing capabilities will also satisfy your curiosity, improve your ability to see what other hospitals are doing, and compare different approaches to treatments. Check out these different approaches to treating UTI from some esteemed institutions:

UTIs at Advent Health Orlando

UTIs at UCLA Health

Acute UTI at Providence Health Care

Have you started using Spectrum’s new community content? Spectrum is focused on continuing to improve peer collaboration and sharing of evidence, with some exciting new capabilities that will launch in the coming months. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay up to date on the latest developments.